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The Restaurant

The first restaurant of the Pagoda chain, the primary Chinese restaurant to be launched in Cyprus, was founded in 1969. From then until now, Pagoda is considered as the most successful brand in the category of Chinese Cuisine keeping the lead due to the constant improvement and upgrading integrated in all areas of the chain of services offered, with a focus on complete customer satisfaction.

Due to the enormous success of the first restaurant chain, Pagoda has expanded to other cities of Cyprus by evolving the already successful Pagoda recipe. In 1997, the first Pagoda restaurant was open in Limassol and until today the restaurant operates with great success, leaving the best impression to every visitor. The restaurant is luxurious, with appealing design and refinement that definitely adds to the overall experience that every fan of the Chinese Cuisine wants to and should have.

The food in all Pagoda restaurants is exclusively prepared by experienced Chinese chefs who know the secrets of the Chinese Cuisine as much as no one else on the island. The staff, always helpful and highly qualified, is constantly available to serve the public in the best possible way, aiming to satisfy any demanding requirements.

Having the highest of standards in cleanliness and hygiene and updating every so often the tastes and recipes, the Pagoda restaurants promise continuous surprises and delights to the true lovers of the genre. Also, the restaurant uses the international standards of ISO22000 (HACCP) and ISO9001.